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2 years ago

Entitlement balance does not carry over to next year and also not showing in the payslip

The entitlement balance does not carry over to next year eventhough the "Carry Remaining Entitlement Over to Next Year" box is ticked. This is only happening to a couple of entitlements. The other entitlements have no issue so far.


Also, the same entitlement is not showing on the payslip of some employees (not all) eventhough the "Print on Pay Advice" is ticked.

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    Hi witchyj,


    Thank you for your post. 


    This entitlement will carry over and display on the employee's pay slip once the entitlement has been used in the new payroll year. Could you please advise what kind of entitlement this is? i.e. are hours entered for this entitlement on an anniversary date or accrued each pay run? 

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      Yes, I understand that, never had this problem before. We have two different types of PL: teachers and admin staff. They have to be separated because teachers have more PL entitlement than admin staff. We don't have any issue with the teachers'. With the PL for admin staff, I have issue with one of the employees where her balance as at end of June 2022 didn't carry over for this financial year. When I generate the detailed report by the end of June, her balance is 29 hours, but when I generate the same report for this financial year, there is no beginning balance, hence showing zero balance. Even in the employee's card, it's showing zero. I checked the payslip, the entitlement line is also not showing. This is despite all boxes are ticked. We also have issues with the annual leave of pre-school staff where it doesn't accrue automatically each pay.