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2 years ago


The amounts on a MYOB payslip are showing a running total then go into a minus for 23 weeks then a zero for 2 weeks. This has caused the YTD totals to not be correct. How can I fix this so the EOFY a...
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    2 years ago

    Hi LLSH 


    You need to follow these steps exactly so that you can finalise STP and don't lose any of your current data:


    1. take a back up of your current online file
    2. restore the previous year back up online: Restore your company file
    3. fix the Pay history 
    4. process a $0 pay with payment date as 30 June 2022
    5. once the YTD amounts in the Summary of payments report are correct, finalise STP
    6. take a back up and rename it so that it is easily identifiable as the EOFY back up
    7. restore the back up of the current file online (the back up taken at step 1)

    You can't merge the back up and current files. You need to fix and finalise STP in the back up file. Files need to be online to report and finalise STP. So you are replacing the current file with the back up file. When you have finalised STP you need to replace the back up file with the current file.


    Make sure you take a back up of your current file before restoring the previous year back up.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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