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11 months ago

I cannot generate a new payroll since finalising the payroll to ATO today and got 50 employees overdue to be paid

I have cleared cache

I have checked reports and figures match

I have tried desktop and online version

I have been on hold and on live chat for hours and nothing suggested works

I have tried everything and the file will not link to STP so will not generate a payroll file

We have been using STP2 from begining of year and still shows linked


When I go to the payroll command centre to prepare a pay run, I enter the necessary details and hit record but when I complete the ATO/STP box to send STP details it keeps failing bringing an error and so no payroll file creates to prepare for bank upload. I already have 50 employees with an overdue payroll so this is quite urgent. I already spent 3 hours on live chat today and nobody could help me. No solutions worked.

So irritating considering I cannot speak to anyone and went through hours of support today and noone cares/helps


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  • BogicJB are you still listed as authorised in the Business Portal? This happened to us as an agent when a new accountant took over and they had the Director change all authorities to them which removed us. 


    I don't know if you are an employee or agent but I do know from this experience is the ATO are using the Business Portal as the point of authority and if you're not authorised, you cannot submit a STP event.


    Hope this helps.

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      Kind of.

      I still have some questions as the EOFY finalisations do not seem to have sent/linked properly either. They still show in mygov as not tax ready and that the last time they were sent from MYOB is 5th July even though I have removed the finalisation on the 7th July and tried sending it from MYOB again to make them tax ready.


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        Hi BogicJB 


        Thanks for your post. Sorry for the delay of response.


        May I know what is the error message you received when processing the pay run? If you could also attach a screenshot of the error message.


        Regarding with the status "Tax Not Ready" in mygov account, please check if in the EOFY Finalisation tab the Final indicator is already ticked. If yes, but still shows as "Tax Not Ready", we recommend getting in touch with the ATO since you've already done the process of finalisation.


        Best regards,


  • My issue is the same. The message received is:


    Something went wrong. Please try again or refresh the browser. Please try again. If the error persists, get in touch with us. Request ID: ea0e3ab4-c224-4fa8-a803-6602ec6dd517.

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      Did you get a solution for this