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12 months ago

On-Boarding created a duplicate employee card

I have on-boarded a few employees this year, but one has become duplicated


I had this employee in the data file, but then sent an on boarding invite - this did not pick up on the existing card, but created another card


I thought i had worked it out - but now doing the STP end of year - there are 2 of this employee and is over and above the total YTD amount - surplus to the figures for this employee and the company


Can you please let me know how i fix this issue

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    Hi Susan_DH 


    Thanks for your post.


    When sending the Employee self-onboarding, it will generate a new card file even though there is an existing one. It will be up to you which card file you would like to retain. To correct the situation, you may delete the Pay history from the existing card file and then re-enter it manually to the new card file Pay history.  Afterwards, you may set the existing card file to inactive and then process a $0 pay run to update the figures. Once done, you can check the reports again and you should be able to see the correct figures.


    Please let me know how it goes.


    Best regards,