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2 years ago

Re-instated terminated employee - Entitlements incorrect

Hi All,

We terminated an employee in November last year paying out all remaining entitlements.

He was re-instated as a casual employee this month & I have just run my payroll entitlement reports after doing the last payrun for the month & he is on the list with a ridiculous amount of leave owing to him which I believe may be everything he ever accrued with none being deducted


Can someone please advise how to correct this?


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  • Hi


    I recommend creating a new employee card for this employee (and always recommend this for any employee that's been re-employed, especially if it's someone going from permanent to casual).


    Otherwise, as you've noticed, the employee will retain their entitlements balance, excluding any annual leave payout upon termination. Additionally, even though you were to clear out the entitlements balance to 0**, and change the employee status to casual, they will still continue showing up on various entitlements reports, which is not the end of the world, but it rather annoying when it's a casual employee.


    **To clear the entitlements balance, you go to the Employee card-> Payroll Details->Entitlements and in the 'Balance Adjustment' column you type in the negative equivalent of what's in the 'Total' column. This should clear the entitlements balance to 0.


    Hope that helps :)




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    Hi esjaybee 


    Thanks for your post and Welcome to MYOB Community Forum.


    When an employee has been terminated and reinstated afterwards, having an incorrect entitlement balance will occur. Also, kindly send me a screenshot of the Entitlement Balance Detail report. To correct the situation, kindly send me a private message with the following details: 


    • Serial number
    • Name of primary contact
    • Business name
    • Company File ID (Help > About MYOB AccountRight)
    • Name of affected employee
    • Date of termination
    • Date of reinstatement
    • Type of leave that needs to be corrected ( we can only correct long service leave, annual leave and personal leave)
    • Correct number of hours for leave


    Best regards,


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      Hi Doreen_P 

      I can't seem to PM you with the information sorry

      Are you able to possibly PM me so I can send this information through


      Thank you for your assistance

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        MYOB Moderator

        Hi esjaybee 


        Thank you for the patience. We've granted you an access to our private message. You can now send the details to one of our moderators.



        Please let me know if you need further help.


        Kind regards,