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12 months ago

Running detailed reports

Hello Community,


I just wondered if someone can tell me if and how to run a report on gross earnings excluding any O/T, bonuses or super?

If someone can direct me how to find the correct report, I can then fiddle around with it and make it work for me. I just always get confused on which report to begin with.


Thanks so much,


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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi AshleaLu 


    Thanks for your post.


    When running a report, Payroll Summary report will give you the breakdown of all the pay items that has been reported as Gross Payment. To find the report, go to Reports > Payroll > Payroll Summary. You may also check the the EOFY Finalisation tab from the Single Touch Payroll reporting. Please let me know how it goes.  


    Best regards,