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6 years ago

STP quarterly reporting

This week I attended an ATO forum and was informed that Micro Employers will be able to report their wages quarterly for STP. How will MYOB be accomodating this process so that only the total wage f...
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    5 years ago

    Hi Mare


    I believe the distinguish is between payroll software and STP reporting software. 


    STP enabled payroll software can do both the pays and report to the ATO. If a client uses this type of software and has employees (other than closely held employees) then they would not be reporting quarterly.


    Clients without payroll software must use STP reporting software to send their data to the ATO. There is STP software available that doesn't prepare the pays, it just sends your data (quarterly totals or weekly etc) to the ATO.


    I'm sure you have already figured this out by now but thought I'd post anyway :)