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6 years ago

two Superannuation funds merging

AustSafe Super and SunSuper are merging.  They have given us the new USI for AustSafe for the superstream, how do i change this in MYOB please

  • Hi wmce & DonnaW1 


    I heard that that AustSafe is migrating to Sunsuper and all contributions should be going over to Sunsuper now. I managed to find the source link for this Move for employers:


    From that site, the USI for the move is: 98503137921001


    This is findable in the MYOB software:


    You would need to create a new Super fund in MYOB with the Sunsuper Registration information and then switch across the relevant Employee's to the new Fund.



    Here is the link for all information on this with links off to other sections:


    Let me know if you continue to have problems finding this in MYOB.

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  • can't you just go to: lists > superannuation funds, open super fund that they should be going to and update it from here? by searching for the updated fund in the list

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      No unfortunately it will not let me change anything on the details

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        aye, i'm having the same problem.  logged in as Administrator and cannot edit the Austsafe fund, nor can i create a new Austsafe fund as the auto lookup database does not have them listed.  on the phone with myob tech support now and they quote over 1 hour wait times.  argh!!!