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5 years ago

USER CREATED ENTITLEMENTS - not showing on paylip (e.g. Long Service Leave, Time in Lieu)

Changes to Long Service Leave in Victoria: PENALTIES MAY APPLY WHERE AN EMPLOYER: refuses an employee’s request to be provided with a copy of a long service leave record relating to the employee;

I've been using MYOB payrol for 16 years now and I know all the ins and outs.

  1. I have setup  Long Service Leave (LSL) in MYOB  as a Custom Entitlement.
  2. I have ticked Show on payslip and  filled in Linked wage category
  3. I've also setup and the BALANCE of LSL for each employee,  before I rolled over myob for FY 2020
  4. Although the entitlement is setup to Show on payslip it doesn't show even if the person has taken LSL via the wage category linked to the entitlement.
  5. I rang MYOB and the payroll support was unable to help. The person was following the script trying to find mistakes in the setup.
  6. I've also sent an email to payrollsupport showing snapshots and proving proof that the LSL balance was correctly calculated and displayed on the Entitlement Balance Summary and Details, but not shown on the payslip
  7. I have setup Time In LIEU as user entitlement 2 years ago, but that one is not working properly either
  8. Conclusion: USER- setup entitlements DON'T WORK in MYOB payroll

I am expecting USER Entitlements to work exactly as Annual and Sick Leave entitlements, as they are no different.

PLEASE HELP so I can provide the employees with the LSL owed, as per Victorian LSL ACT 2018. Thank you

  • Hi LidiaP 


    Apologies for not making my previous response clearer. AccountRight 2019 works on the principle that the entitlement category will appear on payslips if the entitlement has been used i.e. had a value accrue for the current payroll year. When an employee is paid LSL, the amount is recorded against the wage payroll category but for the entitlement to appear on payslips the entitlement category needs to have a value against it. Recording a pay with a value against the entitlement category, then reversing that pay will show the entitlement balance on payslips.
    Based on my review of the documentation you have provided and additional documentation from other sources there is no required provision to have that information available on the payslips. it merely does need to be provided should the employee request that information.
    Please let me know if you need further help.
    If my response has answered your enquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.

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  • Hi LidiaP 


    Thanks for your post and for providing so much information. Can I check that if you go into Setup>>Preferences>>Reports and Forms tab>>Include all YTD amounts and entitlement balances on paycheque stubs has been ticked. 


    Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

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      Hi Tracey,

      Yes, I have checked and it was ticked.


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        Hi LidiaP 


        Can I please clarify if the employee has taken LSL in this financial year?  If not, the accrual won't appear on the payslip until the entitlement is paid through Process Payroll. This is the same for all entitlements, they don't appear on payslips until they are paid through Process Payroll in the current payroll year.


        If the employee hasn't taken LSL you can record a pay for 1 hour LSL, zeroing out all other amounts and hours, then reverse that pay. This will create a record of LSL being used in Process Payroll so the entitlment will appear on payslips.


        Please let me know how you go with this.

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      I've sent comprehensive screenshots to payrollsupportau supporting my post.