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27 days ago

Read only access to AccountRight offline company file after subscription cancellation

We will no longer need our MYOB AccountRight Live Plus Recurring Subscription in the near future as our head company has implemented an ERP that we will be required to use.

I am getting conflicting advice about the ability to view historical data in my company file after cancellation of the subscription. 

I understand you can access your online company file for 30 days for read only access after the termination of the subscription.  And this is specified in part 8 of the MYOB AccountRight Terms of Use.

However, I also have offline files and backup files for each year and would like to be able to access those for compliance purposes for the next 7 years (at least).  I don't want to be able to change or add any data I just want to be able to access the exisiting entries and run reports if necessary.

One phone consultant told me this is possible.  A second phone consultant told me it's absolutely not possible.  This posting on the community forum says that for Acountright you can still open your offline company file or backups for read only access:

Read Only files. Do you have to pay to access these files? | MYOB Community 

Please provide a definitive answer to this issue.  If you can provide a relevant link to the MYOB website it would provide extra reassurance.  

Many thanks - we need to plan appropriately for this changeover.

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Linda2024,


    It's a bit sad to hear that your MYOB AccountRight Live Plus subscription won't be needed anymore. Change can stir up a mix of emotions, especially when it means saying goodbye to something familiar. Remember, even after cancelling, you'll still have access to your data and reports. Just make sure to create a backup of your company file for safekeeping. If you need guidance on cancelling or encounter any issues down the road, feel free to drop another post. Here's a link for more info on what to consider before cancelling your subscription.


    Best regards,


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      Hi Doreen

      Thanks for your quick response.  

      As I said, I have numerous backups of my file.  And it is by no means clear from the information provided by MYOB that I will still be able to access my data and produce reports.  

      I was told today over the MYOB help line that I would no longer be able to open and see the data or produce reports from these offline files once 30 days after cancellation had elapsed.

      Furthermore, the link you have provided tells you to download all your data to .txt or .csv file and to print reports.  It gives no indication that you can still open and use your offline files (read only is fine).

      I need to be certain that I can access this historical data in a useable format (not a .csv file or general ledger report).

      Are you able to provide a link to the MYOB website where it says that Accountright Live Plus former clients can open an old offline file after cancellation, review transactions and prepare reports (no new data entry required) bascially forever?  



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        MYOB Moderator

        Hi Linda2024


        I get that you need to access the file after canceling your subscription for your business audit. No worries, canceling your subscription just removes the file from the cloud. Since you have backups from different times, you can easily restore them offline and get your data back.

        Hope this helps! If you need anything else, just start a new thread.