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10 years ago

Sales: Email received confirmation

Client suggestion


I have another suggestion that has caused us a few hiccups.
When you send an invoice via email you have no way of knowing if it got to them. I guess what I mean is, if the email address has been entered imperfectly then there is no "Mail Delivery Error" or similar to let you know. And as most clients dont reply saying they've received an invoice, you just assume they have until they havent paid, and you resend and same happens.
We have had 3 instances now, one a typo on my part, another someone texted their email address incorrectly  (so my several times rechecking didnt help), and another went to someone's old address that they have an autoreply on but we didnt receive it. 
I'm sure it's unlucky we've had so many, but I imagine it must happen to others occassionally as well. 
I wonder if you could add it to the "feedback" list?


"Email received confirmation please?"