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Employee Paid - But not showing on summary payment report

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Employee Paid - But not showing on summary payment report


This has been drawn to my attention as I paid an employee their last commission on 4 August 2021.  Their only pay for the 2021/2022 financial year.

I can see that MYOB generated and sent them a payslip, the employee was paid in the aba file with everyone elses pay.

When i look at the STP report for that date, the summary Pay Run says Gross payments $38,927.15 and PAYG withholding is $9,072.00.  When I view the report Viww Employee YTD report, everyone is zero.  Unfortunately after this pay run on 4 August 2021, I have termianted the employee and therefore no further reports have been sent to the ATO.  When I look at their EOFY Finalisation for 2021/2022 it states zero, when of couse it shouldn't.

Is there anyway to correct this?

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Re: Employee Paid - But not showing on summary payment report

Hi @juliabaker 


Thanks for your post. You will need to undo the finalisation for the impacted employee(s) in the STP reporting centre>>EOFY Finalisation tab:


  • If there's an ellipsis (3 dots) button next to the employee, click it and choose Remove finalisation.
  • If there is no ellipsis button, select the employee and click Remove finalisation and notify the ATO

Then process $0 pays with payment date as 30 June 2022 for those employees, wait until that report has been accepted and then recheck the employee's Summary of payments report (EOFY finalisation tab>>View summary report. If the Summary of payments and YTD verification reports match the Payroll activity report you can re-do the EOFY finalisation.


When an employee has been terminated you will need to remove the termination date and make the card active in Cards list>>employee card in order to process $0 pays.


Please let me know if you need further help.


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