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2 years ago

Manually enter bank feeds

I am updating a MYOB file and have discovered that I am missing 2 weeks of bank feeds (late February to early March).  I have the statements so I know there are transactions to be entered. I am want...
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    2 years ago

    Hi maz1 ,


    Two options available to you here, one is to manually enter the transactions via the Bank Register module.  This will allow you to  both enter the transactions on the bottom of the window as well as see the transactions listed with a running balance so you know what you are missing easily.


    The second option is to down load a .QIF file from your bank's website for the missing period.  Then go to and using the web interface, select Banking » Bank Transactions and click the button in the top right of the window called [Import statement].  Click the [Import Statement File] button and follow the prompts to import the transactions.  Doing this will also mean that your bank feed rules will also be applied to the imported transactions.



    Hope that helps,