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2 years ago

MYOB Entitlement Summary report



Could anyone please advise what period should I put in the MYOB Entitlement Summary Report to reveiw the correct Entitlement balance and hours taken during the payment period.


If the payment period is from 27/04/2023-10/05/2023, and payment date is 11/05/2023, why does the report provide incorrect hours taken? (from last payment circle)


Thank you


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  • Hi Maybell 


    Not sure which MYOB product you are using, however generally speaking with anything payroll related, MYOB uses the Payment Date not the pay periods. So reports will include relevant amounts if the Payment Date is covered by the report dates.


    In your example your report will show the same information whether you set the reporting dates as 1 May 2023 to 11 May 2023 or 11 May 2023 to 11 May 2023. 


    The pay period dates are essentially for cosmetic purposes to display on payslips and STP Reports. The transaction updates all accounts and registers (that hold things like YTD totals and accrual amts, leave taken etc) based on the Payment Date. 


    This is how it works in AccountRight, generate the 2 reports with dates set as outlined above. If both reports show the same thing, then your product handles payroll the same way as AccountRight.