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6 months ago

Returned SGC payment

I have a quarterly SGC payment returned due to a change if super fund for an employee.  The payment was for all SGC payments earned from 1/10/23-31/12/23 and I received it back 22/1/23.  I have done ...
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    6 months ago

    Hi Sandyw13

    Thank you for your follow-up questions. I appreciate your active participation in our forum.


    From what I understand, the answers to most of your queries can be found in the help article I shared in my previous response.


    To address your current concern, you'll need to create separate pay runs for the negative and positive payments, with dates corresponding to the previous pay run's period. I suggest going through this article, "Returned Superannuation Contributions". It provides a detailed step-by-step guide that should be helpful.


    If you have any more questions after going through the instructions, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here to assist you.