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2 years ago

error message [DecimalError] Invalid argument: undefined

I will need to create some invoices while I am away from my desktop on my ipad.  Testing this out on my ipad I have found that I can not use "create invoice/prefill from recurring".  When I select an invoice to use I get the following error message [DecimalError] Invalid argument: undefined

I have also tested this in the browser version on my pc and I am still getting the same message so it isn't my ipad causing the issue.

The recurring invoices I will need to use are quite involved and would take far to long to re-create on my ipad each time I need to send an invoice, hence using the recurring invoice feature. 

I would appreciate some help from the MYOB community as unfortuately phone support has not been able to come up with a solution


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    Hi Lea-Anne 


    Sorry to see that no one has replied to you yet. There are a few features in AccountRight that is not possible in the web browser.  


    Can you check if the recurring invoice you are trying to use to prefill is one of the following:

    • Professional, Miscellaneous, or Time Billing layouts
    • Sales order
    • Multi-currency transaction
    • A transaction with a category entered


    If it is one of the above, then it will not be possible to prefill the transaction through the browser.


    You would need to either recreate the recurring transaction with a supported layout, or only create those invoices on the desktop version.

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