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5 months ago


MYOB INVOICE App is not opening in Samsung S24. It is crashing everytime. Informed this to MYOB support team several times, as usual NO proper response. 


Galaxy S24 series has dropped support for 32-bit apps, and the MYOB invoice app is not yet updated to 64-bit . This means MYOB Invoice App will not work on Samsung S24 mobiles unless the  app developer a update the app to 64-bit which is compatible with the Galaxy S24. (This information I got from Samsung Community Forum).


Escalated this to MYOB, not sure when they will fix this. 


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  • This is unacceptable by MYOB. I decided to go with MYOB when I had my previous galaxy. Now I can't use it remotely with the S24. Keep up MYOB. How many months does it take to fix these things? I will be moving to Xero if not sorted soon - after spending days setting up the MYOB fo my club.

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      As per MYOB no time frame to fix this issue..May take years..I am also planning to migrate to Zero..It is waste of money to continue with MYOB when we can't use the App..

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    Hi, Sujeev


    Thanks for your post.


    We understand that technology with different apps is a challenge. We are aware that the MYOB Invoice App is currently incompatible with the Samsung S24 due to its 32-bit architecture and the S24's lack of support for such apps. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to address this issue. We are actively working on updating the MYOB Invoice App to 64-bit compatibility to ensure it functions smoothly on the S24 and other devices with similar requirements.


    Best regards,


  • Hi Doreen_P and Sujeev Is there any update re S24 and the issue of MYOB App not working on brand new phone?  We wish the phone company consultant had of known this issue, when we specially spoke about the amount of MYOB we use on phone.  Appreciate any advice you can give. Thank you.

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      Hi@Petrie.  It is still the same story..Nothing to do with Phone company..Samsung.MYOB has to upgrade thier App to 32bit from 16 bit. NOW MAJORITY OF THE PHONES SUPPORTING ONLY 32BIT APPS. MYOB not attending this issue even after informing them repteadly. My advice to others is please switch to Zero or Quick Books rather wasting your time with them..No support from MYOB for any issues we report. They only know  to send monthly invoices.