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4 months ago

Electronic Payroll ABA upload to St George failure



I am trying to upload an ABA file to St George Bank for our employees Payroll.


When I upload the ABA file I then have to select a from bank account in the St George App, but no accounts are in my drop down menu. 


When I complete the exact same steps to make supplier payments using Electronic payments and uploading an ABA file it works just fine and I can pay my suppliers.


Why would there be a difference between a Payroll ABA file and a Supplier ABA file?

I have rung MYOB Support and sent them screen shots of each step and they tell me its a St George problem.
Has anyone else encountered this issue and can offer me some help?? Pretty please!

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi OlgaD,

    Thanks for your post, and welcome to the Community Forum! 

    My apologies for the late response. If you are experiencing issues with your St. George app, we recommend contacting your bank directly for a solution. Feel free to post again if you have further queries and one of us will be happy to assist you.