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2 years ago

Employee missing from super payments

One Employee is missing from the Super payments list when i go to pay super payments. The fund he was with merged with another fund so have entered new fund. Not sure if this is why its not showing a...
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    2 years ago

    Hi leisadds,


    Thanks for your post. 


    Do make sure that the new superannuation fund that has been created is set to be paid via AccountRight. This can be done via Lists (very top of the screen)>>Superannuation funds>>Select the required fund and "Pay Directly from AccountRight" on the right-hand side. This indicates that you are paying that superannuation fund via Pay Superannuation.

    Once that has been ticked, the employee's super payments should appear in the Pay Superannuation window.


    If you have any further trouble, please do reach out. 


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