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3 years ago

ETP amount missing in verification report - STP2

Dear Sir/Madam,


 I have spoken to more than 10 customer representatives, 1 payroll specialist, and 1 product specialist in the past 2 weeks. The total telephone time may add up to 30 hours while the problem remains.  Could you please get someone to help? As we all know, the payment summary must be submitted by the 14th of July. This problem must be solved URGENTLY!


My ETP payment amount shown in the verification report is incorrect.


The methods I have tried include:


  1. Send update event.


  1. Remove termination date in the employee’s card file \ Undo Employee Terminations in STP reporting \ Reverse the original pay run and dated 31/03/2022 \ Reprocess the original pay run and dated 02/06/2022 \  wait until it is accepted by ATO \ Re-enter the termination date in MYOB\ re-add terminations in STP reporting.


I am expecting an expert to sort it out in 10 mins. But your specialists just repeated the same method and sometimes instructed me to do something irrelevant.


The ETP payment amount shown in the verification report is still incorrect. Only one employee’s ETP amount is shown in the verification report(he was terminated in May). And all other 5 employees’ ETP payment amounts are missing. (Other 5 employees were terminated a few months ago)


I have searched for the answers in the community forum and tried different ways. It doesn’t help.


I desperately need a payroll(STP2) guru to help now…..


Best regards,


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  • Hi Irene99


    This has been raised with our product teams who are investigating. If your employee's Summary of Payment Report is correct, but the verification report is not, you can finalise the employee and submit it to the ATO. Please also send me the below information via private message so that I can pass on your details to the team:

    • Serial number
    • Business file name 
    • Employees affected (Names)
    • Payroll year affected
    • Screenshots of the Verification report, Employee Summary of Payment Report & Employment terminations window showing the ETP payments
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    MYOB have been aware of this problem since at least 2020 and still haven't fixed it.  I too spent hours last year reversing and re-entering pays.  In the end I was told to just lodge with ATO and it would be OK.  As I was out of time, with no resolution, that's what I did (against my better judgement).


    Sorry I don't have a solution for you, but it would seem MYOB have done nothing to resolve this issue.