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3 years ago

Failed Super payment

I have had a Failed Super payment for my 3rd quarter 21/22 (for the 1st time ever with no changes, constant staff and payroll/super details - nothing is any different to many previous Super payments ) and now the 4th quarter isnt going through either after 8 days for both (payment processing). Ive reversed both of them but thats not showing up either in AccountRight. After multiple attempts (>8, getting cut off, hung up) and 1.2hr waits on the phone with 'myob payroll experts' they asked me to reprocess them together in one transaction. Now Ive payed double the super (or perhaps not). Ive reversed that transaction too. Im really upset and worried Ill pay the Super twice - how do I get that back ?

Is there any other way to pay Super other than through myob - totally not working at. Through the Aust Govt Paysuper Stream - whats that like does anyone know ? Is it hard to set up.


Thanks in advance Alison

  • Hi AlisonS1


    As of 31 March 2020 we did end support of this operating system, information on this is available on this Community Forum post Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 - End of Support. However by being on Windows 7 this wouldn't have affected the superannuation payments. 


    I do have an update from the team in regards to your particular issue, the team have found the reason of the failure of those payments is due to the payment on the 5/4/2022. The payments that you have processed and are currently in processing should not be deducted from your account.


    So that you can process the super payments you will need to fix the Super fund for MERCER SMARTSUPER PLAN (USI: 19905422981888) and check to see what is in the employer membership number field, it needs to either have a number or left blank (No spaces, symbols or specialist characters). It would best be to clear the field and Save. 


    Once you've done this, you can reverse the last super payment you recorded and reprocess it. It should then work. 


    Please let me know once you have reprocessed so I can check our records to see if it looks normal on our end. 

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  • Hi AlisonS1


    Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forum ! So I can take a look into this for you can you please send me a private message with the following information:

    • Serial number 
    • Your full name and email address 
    • File ID of the file (This can be found by going to Help > About MYOB AccountRight)
    • Date and amount of the superannuation payments 
    • Screenshot of your manage payments window 
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      Thanks Melissa,


      I really need your help !! lol


      Serial # **** **** ****

      Alison Louise Sigley  ********

      File ID 1

      Super payment failed 5/4/22 $5434.30 - the 3rd quarter - failed so I reversed it and reprocessed/authorised

      on 21/6/22 and then reversed on 27/6 - still processing reversal 28/6

      Super payment for 4th Quarter $5075.45 put thru on 20/6 and reversed on 27/6 - still processing reversal on 28/6

      Super payment for the 2 quarters combined 5434.30 + 5075.45 = 10509.75 put thru on 27/6. Think i reversed it ?? later on that day and still processing.


      A myob payroll telephone operator told me to reverse then then reprocess together as 10K. She had no idea what the problem was.


      Now Im worried they will all go thru and Ill have overpaid the Super by 10K


      Thanks in advance


      Alison Sigley




      Company File Number 1



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        Hi AlisonS1


        Thank you for the details provided. I'm currently investigating this with our specialist team, at the moment we are unsure if that particular transaction will go through at this point. The team have asked if you can click into the blue arrow for the pay super transaction dated 27/6/2022 and provide a screenshot of the transaction. 


        Once I have more information on this particular case I will update you, in the meantime please do not reverse or re-process any other super transactions.