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2 years ago

Something has gone wrong accountright needs to close

Product:  AccountRight 

Build: 2022.9.24.7350

Company file ID:  

last four digits:  9087


Our MYOB is also throwing up this error for only one of our many employees cards when updating details.  How do we fix?


AccountRight Application Error Report
Application Version: 2022.9.24.7350
Application File Version: 2022.9.24.7350
Incident Id: d3f44412-441f-405c-8a4b-1110bef8954e
Time: Monday, 24 October 2022 9:48:28 AM

Unknown (0)

(Unknown): ShowUIView(CardDetail,...,...)


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    2 years ago

    Hello WendyMcIntosh 


    Thank you for this information.


    I have run the script that I mentioned in your file.


    This should resolve the error that you are getting.


    Please let me know if you have any further troubles.

    If my response has answered your inquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users to find this information.

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  • Hello WendyMcIntosh 


    Welcome to the Community Forum.


    Can you please confirm the last 4 digits of your serial number and the company file ID for the file with which you are having this issue? I will be able to run a script that should resolve this issue.

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      The last 4 digits of our serial number are 9087.


      The same error message is also happening when updating the following three Payroll Categories:-

      Mon/Fri Loading - 10-12pm

      Mon/Fri Loading - 10-12pm - 1

      Mon/Fri Loading - 12pm>

      Can you also assist with this?




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        Former Staff

        Hello WendyMcIntosh 


        I am more than happy to assist with this issue, however, I do need the Company File ID as requested.


        The Company File Id can be found under Help > About MYOB when logged into your file.