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3 months ago

Super Payments- Doubled Up

Hi   Earlier this year in January we ran a payroll and there was wrong Bank File created due to which we had to reverse the payrun and do it all over again. The revrsal went through properly and w...
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    3 months ago

    Hi Ayushmadaan,


    Thanks for your post and the screenshot. To reverse this duplicate super payment, it needs to be in the Manage Payment window with a 'completed' status. I suggest you run pay history reports to see if the duplicate super payment appears twice. If it does, you can make a pay run only for superannuation payments with negative amounts for those duplicate super payments.

    But if it's not on the payroll reports and the figures are still correct, then you can go ahead and process the super payment by selecting only one transaction from those duplicate super payments. For detailed information and instructions about this, please check out this helpful article about checking and adjusting superannuation.


    Let me know if you require further help.


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