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6 years ago

Superannuation payment not showing in 'Manage Payments'

  • Hi DSeals 


    Thank you very much for the update. 


    The only other reason I can think of is the account you used to log in doesn't have the correct access to authorise super payments. You'll need to log in to the file using the Pay Super authoriser/creator email address, otherwise the Manage Payments list would not update for you.


    If you also need to enter the User ID & password to log in, please also make sure your user ID has full access to Payroll. The best way to test is by logging in using the user ID Administrator. 


    If you are unsure whether your email address has the correct access to Pay Super, please send me a private message with your serial number, and the email address used, I'm happy to check. 

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    Hello learned friends,


    I have processed Superannuation (Pay Superannuation) for the perod 01/01/2109 - 31/03/2019, but the amount is not available to select in 'Manage Payments' or 'Pay Liabilities'.


    Has a recent upgrade changed the way this process works?


    I can see in the report 'Superannuation Accrual by Fund' the amounts are there, but can't seem to authorise the payments as before.


    Thanks in advance,



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      Is anyone able to assist with this question please?




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      Hi DSeals 


      Sorry about the delayed response. 


      The process of recording Pay Superannuation and Manage Payments haven't been changed. Just to confirm, did you go to Payroll > Pay Superannuation to record the super payments? If so, these contributions will be removed from 'Pay Liabilities' so the payments aren't recorded twice, but would be listed in 'Manage Payments'. 


      You can double check if those payments have been recorded using the Payroll > Superannuation Payments > Payments by employee report, by searching the payment date. The Superannuation Accrual by fund report only tracks amounts accrued from pay runs, regardless if the contributions have been paid or not.


      Could you please also locate the Pay Superannuation transaction in Payroll > Transaction Journal, or Find Transactions, or Banking > Bank Register, drill into the transaction to check if the bank account & payment date entered for the Pay Super transaction was correct? 


      Please do let us know how you go.

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        Hi Clover,


        Thanks for your reply.


        Yes, I processed Superannuation in the usual way by recording the payments via 'Pay Superannuation', and yes the Payments by Employee report shows 18  April the correct amounts were allocated / paid in MYOB.


        Yes also to the transaction check, the bank accounts and payment dates for the Pay Super transaction is correct (from 2-1490 Other Paytroll Liabilities, to 1-1110 Everyday Account.


        How do I instruct MYOB to make the payments into the employee's superannuation accounts, when I go to 'Manage Payments' the Superannuation for 1Q18 is not available to process?


        Thanks and regards,