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5 years ago

Tax Amount Variance - rounding issue

The tax amount variance repoort shows 1 cent variance for some of our sales.   May I know if any chance I can fix them, I tried to retype the sales figure but seems nothing changed.   Thanks in a...
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    5 years ago

    Hi Dan_RPS 


    If there are transactions showing on the Tax Amount Variance report, it usually means any tax amounts were manually changed in those transactions. It can also occur if the transaction were imported, and some figures in the import file were edited. 


    What you'll need to do is open each transaction listed on the report, and verify if the current tax amount is correct or not. You can click on the arrow next to the arrow next to the Tax amount > use 'Recalculate' to force the total tax amount to be recalculated. 


    If it's an item sale, please also verify if all the unit prices are correct. You can take a screenshot of the transaction details, then re-enter the same unit prices in the Price column. The reason behind it is that some import transactions may had item prices with more than 4 decimals, but AccountRight only allows/displays 4 decimal places for unit pricing. Manually over-typing the unit price will get rid of any possible hidden decimals.


    You can also try change the 'Tax inclusive' ticking of the transaction > Save > change it back (then overwrite the unit prices if needed) to force a system recalculation as well.


    I hope this helps. Please feel free to let us know how you go, and if you have any further questions.