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6 years ago

Employee entitlement report incorrect balance



We have recently upgraded to AR2019.2 and have rolled over the payroll year to 2019/2020.  When we check the employee entitlement report against the pre-roll over one.  The balance changed for a couple of employees.  Not only that the balane is different from the pre roll over file, it's also different from the card balance.  The card balance is correct.  How can get the correct report?



  • Hi wyskwok 


    Apologies for the delay in resolving this, I have arranged for the file to come in.  


    Keep me posted if you have further troubles. 

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  • Hi wyskwok 


    Thanks for your post.  I hope you find the community forum to be full of useful information, advice and support. 


    I would recommend updating to the compliance update 2019.2.1 as it has fixed a few performance issues.  Please see the attached article Incorrect Entitlement Balance reports after upgrading 


    If this is still showing incorrect, please go to the forum post Entitlements Report Incorrect, this is where you can take the next step if this issue is continuing. 


    Let me know how you go with this.  If this resolves your inquiry please mark "Accept as Solution" so other users can find this content easier.  Keep me posted! 


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      Hi Theresa,


      The MYOB had already upgraded to 2019.2.1 and that when the discrepancy came out.   I have received a request from the Social Support team for further information, which I got back more than a week and yet no reply nor solution been received.


      From previous posts, it's an upgrade error and needs data repair to the MYOB file.  Is there anything you can help?