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2 years ago

Card leave balance (correct) does not match to entitlement balance summary amounts

Hi there,


We seem to have fair bit of issues with our employee leave balances. We have an employee who's long service leave balance is only 8.5 hours in her card and this is correct, but the entitlement balance summary report it is 121 hours. We use this report to calculate and post our monthly leave provision movement and I can't trust this report is correct.


Can you please assist with this problem?

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    Hi Laura85 

    Thanks for your post.

    To further assist you with this, we will need to gather more information. Kindly run the Entitlement Balance Detail Report and please let me know if it shows the leave balance as shown from your Entitlement Balance Summary Report.




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      I have ran that report and that is more out of whack than the summary!

      Missing most balances that are on the Summary Report....

      I'm running it for 1.4.2023 - 30.4.2023

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        Hi there, I need this to be fixed! I just terminated an employee from the system after paying her final pay and now the payslip has incorrect balances on it! I can't send it to employee like that they will dispute it!