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12 years ago

Settle Returns & Credits: Combine credits for one Pay Refund tranasction

Please add functionality to the 'Sales Register Information Window' under 'Returns and Credits' - by adding the ability to batch/combine multiple credits in 'Pay Refund in one refund payment'.


Example: I often have the issue of receiving multiple automatic payments before a customer stops overpayment's at the end of a service so must combine 2 or more credits in a single cheque or automatic payment in the 'Pay Refund' window. As multiple overpayment's can not be assigned to the same invoice one must create multiple credits. MYOB won't however allow one to do this (combine credits) easily.


Also would be great to be able to do an easy refund by direct credit instead of cheque, as most people prefer that in this day and age, via tapping into the electronic payments window or similar from the 'Pay Refund' window.


Thanks for your consideration of this simple but useful feature.


"'Returns and Credits' - Add ability to batch/combine multiple credits in 'Pay Refund'."


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    Can we have the facility to pay out customer refunds with our electronic payment batch?


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      I agree. 


      I know this has been mentioned elsewhere on the ideas forum. 


      I assume the MYOB moderators will combine these ideas to centralise the voting and hopefully get it implemented!.

  • In the industry we work we get client overpayments frequently.  I am unable to apply more than one credit to any invoices so when it comes time to issue a refund to the client I have to issue each refund separately.  Would be nice if the refund screen looked like the pay liabilities screen, where under the customer selected a list of all credits are shown and you can tick all refunds.  They would then all be listed and totalled on the one cheque and remittance advice.


    Also would be nice to be able to refund the client via electronic payments.


    Thank you

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the idea Simon. You mention Electronic payments/Direct credits - if multiple credit notes could be refunded into the Electronic payment window and then grouped together for single direct credit into a customers account, would this meet your needs? We would need to make changes to electronic payments to allow customers to be included. What do others think? Would this be a useful function? Please use the vote button and add your thoughts to the Idea.
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    The ability to refund one or more credit notes in the electronic payment window would be extremely useful. A majority of clients now request credits to be made to a bank account in preference to a cheque.


    I look forward to the implementation of this feature in a not to distant upgrade!

  • This was back in 2012, and i have the same problem today in 2021.  how do i match up my single payment refund to the multiple credits my customer paid over a period of weeks??

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    I note that this was first raised in 2012 & thought to be a good idea supported by many users, what progress has been made over the past 10 years to facilitate this suggestion?